Roads and Fuel in Australia

<em>Find out what to expect from Australian roads...</em>

Types of Road

The roads in Australia are generally of a high standard, however as it is such a vast country there are certain remote areas that are not so well maintained and require care when driving.

The following are a few types of roads in Australia:

  • Minor arterial roads and outback tracks (local roads) with a speed limit of 50 Km/h
  • Major arterial roads (major roads within a city or town) with a speed limit of up to 80 Km/h
  • Highways linking the capital cities of each state, with a speed limit of 100 Km/h
  • Motorways with a limited access highway built solely for motorised traffic, with a speed limit of 110 Km/h

Toll roads

Toll roads, most often found in conurbations in the east of Australia, can be paid for using the e-TAG (Electronic Toll Collection) system.  Some toll roads will still accept payment in cash, and short-term card options are available.

  • For further information on tolls in Australia and the e-Tag system: Click here

Traffic and road conditions

For up to date information on road and traffic conditions refer to the links below:

Fuel: Petrol and Diesel

All fuel stations sell diesel and unleaded petrol in 95 and 98 Octane. Many stock autogas/LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Most fuel stations have automatic pumps for payment by credit card (some are card-operated only).

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