Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Australia

Find out how to register an imported car in Australia...


Vehicle registration in Australia is done by the registering authority in each state or territory, each of which has different requirements. They all require third party insurance, but more comprehensive insurance may be difficult to arrange for a used car imported from overseas. The relevant state or territory registering authority should be contacted for information on how to have the vehicle inspected and registered. Upon registration an Australian number plate will be fitted.

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The process of registering a car in Australia may be started either be started within six months of arrival. To register a car it must be deemed roadworthy and meet minimum safety requirements. Any necessary modifications to the vehicle can take place in Australia.

Any vehicles to be imported into Australia must comply with the required Australian Design Rules. Few cars not built for the Australian market will do so, and the presence of a seemingly identical model in the Australian market does not mean a vehicle will comply. State and territory registration authorities may stipulate that the vehicle is converted to right hand drive, and this measure will require a roadworthiness certificate in most states.

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