Registration of Transfer of Ownership

Details on transferring registration after buying or selling a car or motorbike in Australia...

Once a vehicle has been purchased, the registration must be transferred at the state or territory Motor Registry within 14 days (except in Tasmania and Western Australia, where the limit is 7 days). Both the buyer and the seller need to sign the registration form.

If the car was purchased from a licensed dealer they should provide a completed transfer of registration form. Documents and required vary between states and territories:

The new owner must also pay stamp duty, which is calculated on the value of the purchase of the car.

Taxes and Fees

When a car is purchased state governments charge taxes on the purchase price as follows:

  • Registration transfer fee
  • Stamp duty, which varies with the value of the car purchased
  • Motor vehicle tax, which is paid annually
  • Cars purchased from a dealership and over a certain value are liable for luxury car tax. This tax does not apply when buying from a private individual
There is usually an additional fee if the car is being bought in a different state to the one it is registered in. Information on fees for each state can be found on state transport department websites:

It is also necessary to have the car insured. Third party insurance is compulsory.

Further Information