Applying for a Visa: The Points Test

Information about applying for work visas in Australia...

The Points Test awards points for age, language, work experience, skill, qualifications, sponsorship and nomination. The majority of Skilled Visas require an applicant to have a minimum number of points. A new Points Test is to be introduced on July 1st 2011. The final version of this test has not been decided and the requirements and points needed to pass it may change.

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The Department of Immigration and Citizenship runs a Skill Matching Database to match people who have applied for one of the Skilled Visas with vacancies around Australia. The database is used by employers and state and territory governments who are searching for skilled individuals. There is no charge for someone with a valid visa application to have their details recorded in the database.

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Other Work Visas

There are a number of other visas available to people who want to move to Australia to work. A Business Visa is available for people who own their own business or are investors or senior executives. There are two ways for an individual to get permanent residency in Australia with a business visa:

  1. A provisional visa can be applied for and permanent residency sought after setting up a business in the country.
  2. Top quality business applicants who are sponsored by a state or territory government can get permanent residency directly.
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Australia currently has a shortage of doctors and nurses, particularly away from the main cities.

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There are also Distinguished Talent Visas for individuals who excel in academia, the arts, sports or a profession. All visas are awarded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship who provide detailed information on how to apply for one.