Tax Rates in Australia

Information about the rates of income tax for residents and non-residents in Australia...


There are four progressive income tax rates for resident taxpayers.

Anyone who isn't resident in Australia for a whole financial year receives a pro rata portion of the tax-free allowance ($6,000 per year); for example, if you're resident in Australia for half the tax year, your tax-free allowance is $3,000. Different (usually higher) rates apply to those under the age of 18. There are no reductions for couples in Australia, where the same tax rates apply to married and single individuals.


There's no tax-free allowance for non-residents (although they don't pay the Medicare levy) with business and trading income in Australia. Note that non-residents must obtain a tax file number and give it to their employer, or they will be taxed at the maximum rate of 45 percent on all income.

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