Settling In Australia

Information about what to do once a visa has been granted...

Once a visa is granted the applicant is generally given a timeframe (up to 12 months) to enter Australia before the visa offer expires.

Having a permanent residency visa entitles the holder to access most public services in Australia but does not allow them to vote. Only Australian citizens are entitled to vote, which is compulsory.

On arrival in Australia there are a number of administrative formalities that should be dealt with as soon as possible. These include:

  • Apply for a Tax File Number
  • Register with Medicare for help with basic healthcare expenses
  • Register with Centrelink for benefits and assistance with certain community services
  • Apply for a driving licence
  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has comprehensive information on settling in Australia with links to the appropriate government authorities.


Permanent residents in Australia are generally eligible for citizenship in Australia once they complete four years residency and pass a citizenship and character test.

  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has comprehensive information on applying for citizenship and settling in Australia

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