Retirement Visas

Information about the visa requirements for those intending to enter Australia to retire...

Investor Retirement Visa (Temporary) - Subclass 405

This type of visa is for individuals who are over 55 years or couples in which one partner is over 55. It entitles the applicant to four years temporary residence in Australia, with limited work rights of 20 hours per week with the opportunity of further applications.

Terms and conditions

Applicants must have no dependants other than a spouse. They must also supply full private medical insurance at all times and be sponsored by a state government.

Assets must be over $500,000 if moving to a regional area of the country or $750,000 if moving to a non-regional area. The net annual income from investments must be over $50,000 if moving to a regional area and $65,000 if moving to a non-regional area. Funds for investment into a treasury bond with the sponsoring state government must be $500,000 for a regional area and $750,000 for a non-regional area.

Health and character checks are required on initial applications.

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