Work Permits in Australia

An overview of the process to be followed by foreigners coming to Australia for work...

To work in Australia an individual must have the appropriate visa with working rights. One way of getting employment in Australia is to be sponsored by an employer. The Employer Nomination Scheme allows employers to recruit highly skilled individuals from outside Australia. An Employee Sponsored Permanent Visa allows a person, and their dependent family members, to live in the country as permanent residents. There is also a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme which allows an employer in a less populated part of Australia to recruit skilled workers from overseas.

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Those not sponsored by an employer but wanting to live and work in Australia should follow the General Skilled Migration Program. To qualify for this scheme, a number of basic requirements must be met and an immigration Points Test passed. There are different kinds of Skilled Visa including:

  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Permanent Visa
  • Regional Sponsored Visa