Documentation and Requirements for Marriage

Find out about the legal requirements for getting married in Azerbaijan…

Applications must be submitted to the Main Registry Office (ZAGS) one month prior to the planned marriage registration date. To submit the application both partners need to go the State Registry Office with the following documents:

  • Valid entrance visa to Azerbaijan (for foreigners)
  • Passport/ID card
  • Completed application form
  • Anyone who has been married previously should bring documentation proving their civil status (divorce papers or death certificate) from their home country
  • US citizens must provide a "Certificate of No Record of Marriage" issued by the Vital Records Department in their home state
  • Receipt confirming payment of state duty payment (this can be paid at branches of Kapital Bank). For details of the state duty fee for marriage registration: Click here

Note: All documents must be translated and notarised. It is advisable to contact ZAGS to find out the exact requirements for specific circumstances.

  • For contact details of Notary Offices in Baku: Click here

Once the application has been submitted, ZAGS provides the applicants with a marriage registration date. In special circumstances, such as the birth of a child or pregnancy, the marriage may be registered on the day of application. The marriage becomes legal on the date of civil registration.

Marriage Contracts

The couple can choose to sign a marriage contract prior to getting married or even after the marriage has taken place. Marriage agreements are signed at the notary office. It is possible to cancel the marriage contract by mutual consent of both partners.