Pets and Animals in Azerbaijan

Understand a pet owner's responsibilities and find out about local animal organisations...

The State Veterinary Department is responsible for animal management in Azerbaijan. It also provides veterinary services, including vaccinations.

  • State Veterinary Department
    At: 8 Mikrorayon, 3123 Street, AZ1115 Baku
    Tel: (012) 562 76 13 / (012) 411 18 01
    Hotline: (012) 563 50 06
    Fax: (012) 562 66 32

Pet Ownership Regulations

There are a number of rules which apply to keeping pets in Azerbaijan. Legislation states the following:

  • A family cannot keep more than one dog and two cats in an apartment
  • Pet owners are responsible for vaccinating their animals against infectious diseases; this should be done at the State Veterinary Department; pet owners should also inform the State Veterinary Department if they move house within five days of moving
  • Owners of large dogs, for example Boxers, German Shepherds and Dobermans, must have a sign on the front door which states that there is a dangerous dog in the home, or have a photograph of the animal on the door
  • A dog must be kept on a leash when outdoors. Large dogs must also have a muzzle
  • Children who are under 15 years old may not walk a dog alone
  • Pets are not allowed in children's play areas, around children's institutions, as well as medical and educational establishments; dogs can only be walked in designated areas
  • Dogs are not allowed in caf├ęs and restaurants
  • Animals can not be sold to under 18s without written permission of the minor's parent or guardian
  • Pets should not be left unattended

A complaint about a pet should be reported to the police. The police report is then sent to the State Veterinary Department, which issues a fine.

Travelling with Pets

Before a dog or cat enters Azerbaijan, it must be vaccinated against rabies and have a veterinary certificate. When a pet leaves Azerbaijan, a health certificate must be obtained from the State Veterinary Department.

In general, pets are not allowed on public transport in Azerbaijan;, however, pets can be taken on trains in special carriages. A ticket can be bought at the railway station and the owner must have the pet's veterinary certificate, which can be obtained from the State Veterinary Department.