Animal Organisations in Azerbaijan

Information and contact details for national animal protection and welfare organisations, plus pet rescue centres operating in Azerbaijan...

There are several centres and non-government organisations which take care of homeless animals and have re-homing services.

The Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Centre which offers pet re-homing and veterinary services, welcomes volunteers. The centre provides a number of veterinary-related services, such as emergency treatment, neutering and spaying.

The Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals is a non-government organisation.

  • Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals
    : (050) 312 5089

BakuPAWS is an NGO which helps stray animals and promotes animal welfare in the region. The organisation welcomes volunteers.

  • Baku PAWS

The Caspian Cat Club brings together cat enthusiasts and organises exhibitions.

The Friends Group helps homeless animals and aims to contribute to drafting law on animal protection in Azerbaijan. It organises charitable events and welcome volunteers. Donations can be made at Anglo-American Business Services (3F), at the crossroads of 28 May Street and Rashid Beybutov Street.

The Kennel Union provides information on lost and found dogs, assists in re-homing, shares information about local and international regulations, and organises national and international dog shows.

  • Kennel Union
    At: 57/2, Nobel Avenue, Baku
    Tel: (012) 480 35 92 / (012) 480 35 32

The Society for Stray Animals Protection is a non-government and non-profit organisation that aims to engage the community in the problem of stray animals. It welcomes volunteers.