The School System

Information on the system of schooling in Azerbaijan, from pre-primary to higher education...

Pre-school Education

Pre-school education is provided in the form of nurseries (for children aged between one and three) and kindergartens (for children aged between three and six). The number of children attending pre-school education in Azerbaijan is relatively small, particularly in rural locations.

Classes in state nurseries, nursery-kindergartens and kindergartens are organised as follows:

  • Nursery groups - for children aged 1-2 years
  • Toddler groups - for children aged 2-3 years
  • Middle groups - for children aged 3-4 years
  • Senior group - for children aged 4-5 years
  • Pre-school education - for children aged 5-6 years
  • For details of the programme of study and lessons per week in pre-schools from the Ministry of Education: Click here

Primary Education

Primary education in Azerbaijan lasts for four years, beginning at the age of six (Grade 1) and continuing until the age of 10 (Grade 4).

Children must reach the age of six on or before 15 September in order to begin school in that academic year.

Secondary and Vocational Education

Basic secondary education begins at Grade 5 and continues until Grade 9. At the end of Grade 9 students sit an exam in order to receive the Certificate of Basic Education. If successful they may choose to study for two more years at an upper secondary school to receive a Certificate of Complete Secondary Education or they may opt to attend a specialised technical or vocational secondary school for three years, after which time they receive a Certificate of Complete Secondary Specialised Education.

  • For a list of vocational schools in Azerbaijan: Click here

Students who complete the upper secondary level of education are eligible to apply for university.

Higher Education

Higher education in Azerbaijan consists of three levels of degree: Bachelor's (four years), Master's (two years) and Doctorate (three years). Universities, Academies, Institutes, Colleges and Conservatoire are all types of higher education establishments.

Bachelor's degree programmes at Azerbaijani State Universities are divided into four speciality groups:

  • Group 1 includes engineering, physics, mathematics, architecture and designing
  • Group 2 includes international relations, management, regional studies, geography and economics
  • Group 3 includes music and arts
  • Group 4 includes biology, sports, chemistry, medicine and agriculture
  • For a list of universities in Azerbaijan: Click here