Living With Teenagers in Azerbaijan

Helpful resources for young people on healthcare, laws, schooling, working, connecting and having a good time...

Azerbaijani law classifies young people from the age of 14 to 29 as youth. The country's youth policy is governed by the "State Program on the Azerbaijani Youth covering the 2011-2015 period". This policy aims to:

  • Protect the health of young people
  • Ensure employment
  • Engage youth in cultural activities
  • Support talented youth
  • Support young families
  • Support youth organisations
  • For further information about Azerbaijan's Youth Policy: Click here

Youth Organisations

Azerbaijan's Youth Foundation provides grants to successful initiatives and projects for education, culture and science. Some of the events which are organised include conferences, forums and symposiums in Baku and abroad. It also supports and accepts research by foreign youth who live in Azerbaijan. Projects should focus on Azerbaijani culture and history. Applications are registered online.

Baku's universities have student unions and other organisations. They organise conferences, events, charity activities and concerts. They also cooperate with other universities within and outside Azerbaijan.

IDEA is a leading youth organisation which focuses on environmental issues. It aims to expand the local and international community of young people who want to contribute to a better environment. Activities include participation in youth camps and events. Working languages are English and Azerbaijani.

The Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy organises an annual Summer Energy School, which brings together students from many countries. The main focus is energy and environmental issues, with English as the working language.

The IRELI Public Union has youth participate in projects and programs implemented in Azerbaijan. It includes the Medicine Club, Urban Art Club, Green Club, Avante Club and Literature Club. It organises summer camps, volunteer work, seminars and conferences. The organisation has both individual and collective membership programmes.

  • IRELI Public Union
    At: 3 Sabir Street, Old City, Baku
    Tel: (012) 492 80 45
    Fax: (012) 492 48 06

International schools in Azerbaijan provide after-school activities and summer programmes for students.

Most NGOs in Azerbaijan offer volunteer work, while some offer internships at foreign companies through their Corporate and Social Responsibility projects.

There are 236 Youth NGOs in Azerbaijan. They are supported by the Association of NGOs, by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and by the European Youth Foundation.