Parental Leave and Maternity Benefits

Find out about maternity and paternity leave, and the benefits available to parents in Azerbaijan...

According to the Azerbaijani Labour Code, pregnant women are entitled to a total of 126 days of paid maternity leave, which consists of 70 days before and 56 days after the expected date of delivery. In some special circumstances, such as a difficult delivery or the birth of two or more children, women are entitled to 70 days of paid leave after the birth. This amounts to 140 days in total.

A different maternity plan applies to insured agricultural workers in that they are entitled to a minimum of 140 days of maternity leave for a normal delivery, 156 days for difficult delivery and 180 days in the case of a multiple delivery. In all of these instances 70 days of the leave allowance should be used prior to the expected date of delivery and the remaining period should be used afterwards.

Maternity leave is paid for by the State Social Protection Fund and is equal to 100 percent of gross average monthly earnings over the previous 12 months.

Fathers are entitled to 14 days of unpaid paternity leave after the birth of a baby.

  • For further information about parental leave in Azerbaijan from the International Labour Organisation (ILO): Click here


Under the Azerbaijani Labour Code pregnant women and mothers have workplace protection, and the following rules apply:

  • An employment contract with a pregnant woman, or a woman with children under three years old, cannot be terminated
  • Pregnant women and women with children of 18 months and under are subject to reduced working hours up to a maximum of 36 hours per week
  • Pregnant women, or women with a child or children under three years old, cannot be requested to work night shifts
  • Women with two children under 16 years old are entitled to two days of additional vacation, and women with three or more children under 16 (or with a disabled child under 16 years old) are entitled to five days of additional vacation
  • A woman (or single father) with children under 16 years old is entitled to up to 14 days of unpaid leave
  • For further information about the Azerbaijani Labour Code from the International Labour Organisation (ILO): Click here