Giving Birth in Azerbaijan

Find out about the options available to you when the time comes for the birth of your baby, and what to expect in the days following the arrival of your newborn…

At the onset of labour the chosen maternity hospital should be contacted, and the woman should make her way there with the following documents:

  • Medical insurance card
  • Passport/ID card
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Nurses at the hospital will check that the woman is in labour and will notify the doctor immediately.

Birth by elective caesarean section is as common as natural birth at hospitals in Azerbaijan (or more so in urban areas), and most medical institutions have the facilities to carry these out. Natural childbirth is generally only carried out at specialised clinics and hospitals. Home births are very uncommon.

Until recently there was no provision for water births in Azerbaijan; however, this method of childbirth is now offered at the Republican Diagnostic Centre in Baku.

Postnatal Care

All medication required by the mother and baby while in hospital is provided by the hospital. Clinics in Azerbaijan usually offer breastfeeding consultations to women during the prenatal and postnatal periods, and these are conducted during the first days after delivery.

A general examination of the mother and infant's health by the doctor is usually scheduled for around one month after the birth.