Property Purchase Procedure in Azerbaijan

Find out about the property purchase procedure and the documents required...

The registration of the purchase and sale contract should be certified by a public notary. The foreigner must have temporary registration in Azerbaijan; in other words, they must be located in Azerbaijan on legal grounds. Both the buyer and the seller must provide their passports/ID. The purchase contract is deemed valid if executed in writing and notarised. The real estate ownership passes to the buyer from the moment of registration within the state register of real estate.

  • For a list of notary offices in Azerbaijan: Click here

To simplify the procedure, registration of real estate and all procedures related to the process can be carried out through ASAN. The buyer can send an online application and then receives a list of all required documents by email and details of the cost for the service. An appointment is then scheduled at the ASAN office.

  • ASAN Service (ASAN Khidmet)
    At: 36 Academician Hasan Aliyev Street, Baku
    Tel: (012) 108
    Fax: (012) 444 74 75
  • To apply online: Click here


All paperwork related to the purchase procedure is in Azerbaijani. Any documents not in Azerbaijani must be translated and certified by the notary. The notary office can generally provide a translation service for documents, and can, on request, provide a copy of documents in a foreign language.

Documents and fees

The buyer must provide the following documents:

  • Passport and proof of temporary registration with the State Migration Service in Azerbaijan (if applicable)

The seller must provide the following:

  • Original property ownership document (deed of conveyance)
  • Form F-1 confirming that the property is registered with the state and that it can be sold; this can be obtained through ASAN
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • Spouse's consent for the sale of the property (to be notarised)
  • Signed consent of all adult family members for the sale of the property
  • Passport and proof of temporary registration with the State Migration Service in Azerbaijan (if applicable)
  • For a complete list of documents required by both parties: Click here (in Azerbaijani)

Once the buyer has transferred the payment of the property to the notary's bank, the purchase agreement is drawn up by the notary and can be signed by the buyer and seller. Fees must be paid for all services related to notarial acts.

  • For information about the amounts to be paid: Click here

Housing Cooperatives

Much of Azerbaijan's primary housing market is established through housing cooperatives, and buyers can purchase property directly through the housing cooperative. It is advisable to seek legal advice before purchasing a property in this way or contact Baku Realtors Association.

Further Information

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