Post Codes and the Postal System in Azerbaijan

Information on sending and receiving letters and parcels, mail services, finding an Azerbaijani postal/ZIP code and how to write addresses in Azerbaijan...

Post codes in Azerbaijan are made up of two letters, AZ, followed by four numbers; for example AZ 1000.

  • For a list of post codes in Azerbaijan: Click here (and select "Postal Codes of Azerbaijan Cities" in the "Section's Materials" menu box on the right of the page)


The address on an envelope should be written as follows in Azerbaijan:

  • Recipient
    House Number, Street
    Post Code, City

For example, the address of the British Embassy in Baku is:

  • British Embassy
    45 Khagani Street
    AZ1010 Baku

Postal Services

Postal Services in Azerbaijan are run by Azerpost. It offers a variety of postal, business and financial services.

The Azerpost website has a comprehensive search facility which can be used to find a local post office. It provides a list of post offices as well as a map allowing people to search for one by city or street.

The main postal services offered by Azerpost are listed below:

  • Letters and parcels can be sent by standard or registered mail. With registered mail the sender is given a receipt which allows the post to be tracked. Parcels should not contain food which will go off quickly, such as meat
  • Express Mail Services are available. The services are provides by Azerexpresspst, which is part of Azerpost, and cover all of the country
  • Telegram services
  • A number of special communication services including courier services
  • Selling stamps

It is possible to track the progress of registered mail items. This can be done by entering the item's code in the tracking section of the Azerpost website.

Azerpost also offers a range of financial services:

  • Utility bill and mobile phone bill payment
  • Postal money orders
  • Payment of pension and other benefits
  • Money transfers
  • Purchase of airline tickets
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Automated teller machines