Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants

Both the landlord and tenant have certain rights and obligations. Find out about your rights as a landlord or tenant in Azerbaijan...

The tenant is obliged to:

  • Inspect the property with the landlord
  • Return the property in the same condition at the end of the rental agreement
  • Follow safety regulations
  • Pay for electricity, Internet, cable television and gas
  • Pay for water if a meter is installed; if not, the landlord covers water costs
  • Pay for international telephone calls, as well as calls from a landline to a mobile phone
  • Allow the landlord to visit the premises and check utilities

The tenant retains ownership of any equipment or appliances which were bought at their expense and used on the rental premises. The tenant may not sublet the premises or transfer their rights to any third party during the period of the rental agreement.

The landlord is obliged to:

  • Provide legal proof that they own the premises
  • Protect the tenant against claims from any third party
  • Provide premises in good working order not later than the agreed lease date
  • Carry out repairs that are not the fault of the tenant. Or, the tenant can do the repairs and get reimbursement from the landlord
  • Repair utilities, such as water, sewage and gas, that break down through no fault of the tenant
  • Cover water costs where there is no meter installed
  • Pay fees for the sewage system and annual costs for a telephone line

The landlord can unilaterally terminate a rental contract before the expiry date if a tenant violates the conditions of the contract or violates the rules of the community and fire security.

The landlord cannot sell the property or enter into a similar lease agreement with any third party.