Television in Azerbaijan

Get to grips with TV standards and find out what's available to the TV viewer in Azerbaijan...

Azerbaijan uses SECAM D/K television and video format standard: D is for VHF and K is for UHF.

There are nine television channels which broadcast in Baku and elsewhere in Azerbaijan and 14 regional channels. The city of Nakhchivan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has two channels.

The main local channels in Baku can be viewed via satellite and terrestrially:

The Turkish channel TRT is also available in Azerbaijan.


Radio broadcasts are transmitted on ultra-short FM and medium AM waves. Broadcasts in English are available on medium AM waves. Foreign radio programmes include: Afterhours FM, Dubstep FM, 1 Live Diggy, Rise FM, Radio Vega, Radio Swiss Pop and Stay radio.

Cable Television

Azerbaijan is in the process of changing to digital broadcasting. In order to receive digital TV broadcast on older televisions a decoder or set-top box is required.

Most homes have an antenna installed either inside or outside. Installing an antenna on the roof is complicated and requires the permission of the local municipal department. A small home antenna, however, can be bought at an electrical store in Baku and installed without official permission.

Thirteen cable television companies are licensed to broadcast in Azerbaijan by the Azerbaijan Council of Television and Radio. There are various packages which differ according to the number of channels on offer and the fees charged. They include: Aile TV, AN Media, AZHINET, B&B TV, Connect TV and KATV 1.

Packages usually include programmes in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Typical channels in English are: Animal Planet, BBC, BBC Entertainment, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network, CNBC Europe, CNN International, Discovery, Euronews, Eurosport, FoxLife, MTV Dance, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, OSN Movies Action, Reality TV, Sony Entertainment and Universal.

Main cable TV providers

Aile TV has both analogue and digital packages. Subscribers can choose additional sport and entertainment channels for an extra charge. The tuner and its installation also have to be paid for. A subscriber receives a smart card (access card) and a unique password.

B&B TV has four packages, one of which has 143 channels with English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. Monthly payments can be made online, at Nar Mobile centres and Xalq Bank.

Connect TV offers several packages. There is a separate fee for installing equipment and an antenna. There is, however, no extra fee for an additional TV set if there is a cable. If there is no cable, an extra fee applies. Branches can be found in various locations in Baku.

  • Connect TV (in Azerbaijani)
    At: 2 Ziver bey Ahmedbeyov Street (head office)
    Tel: 159
    Fax: (012) 566 39 67

DIGIsat provides digital satellite services with packages in English, including English Premier League football and other sports, movies, cartoons, series, and entertainment and news channels. Various foreign language channels are available including English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and more.

KATV 1 is popular and most new buildings are already connected. In Baku, customers can subscribe at any one of their branch offices. The basic package includes 82 channels. KATV1 subscribers pay a monthly bill, which depends on the number of TV sets.

  • KATV1
    : 127 / (012)510 18 18
    Fax: (012) 510 91 71

A passport or ID is required to subscribe to cable TV, and the subscriber must sign a contract with the provider. The provider is responsible for the installation and equipment, and the subscriber pays a fee for the installation. Some companies offer a discount for a new connection. Cable TV bills can be paid at the offices of the provider, online, at banks in Baku and through PayPoint.