Drinks in Azerbaijan

Find out about traditional drinks in Azerbaijan...

Sherbet is Azerbaijan's most common drink; it is both refreshing and cooling. It is made from water or milk and lemon, sugar, saffron, mint, basil and a variety of fruits. Tea, which is often black and sweet, is very popular in the country and there are numerous tea houses or chaikhanas throughout Azerbaijan. It is considered the drink of hospitality and is central to all social and many business gatherings; it is usually served in a small pear-shaped glasses called armuds. Spices such as ginger, clove, cardamom and cinnamon are sometimes added to tea, which may also have jam added as a sweetener.

Another refreshing drink is called Ayran, a mixture of plain yoghurt and water with a little salt. It is usually served cold. Ayran can be bought in all small and large food stores in Baku.

Visitors to Baku can also choose from a range of sparkling and still waters produced from natural springs.

Lemonade is a very popular local non-alcoholic drink. It is sweetened, served cold and usually made of peach, grapes or tarragon. Local manufactures produce lemonade either in plastic or glass bottles.

It should be noted that many Azerbaijanis are Muslim and don't drink alcohol. Despite this, alcoholic drinks are widely available; both brandy and wine are locally produced.