Holiday Accommodation Options in Azerbaijan

Information about where to stay and the types of accommodation available when taking a holiday in Azerbaijan...

Hotels in Azerbaijan are classified using the star system and range from one to five stars. While most hotels are in the country's capital, Baku, all major destinations have accommodation, which ranges from hotels to guest houses and resorts.

Boutique Hotels

These small hotels offer distinctive service, comfort and a themed interior de├ęcor. A four-star boutique hotel is usually located in a historic building in the city centre and has a minimum room size of 15 square metres. Five-star boutique hotels have a parking area as well.

Guest Houses

In Azerbaijan, guest houses have fewer than ten rooms for guest accommodation and can have a maximum of three stars. There are single, double and studio rooms. A restaurant and bar as well as room service and laundry are usually available. A guest house can organise transport, meet guests at the airport, and arrange tours and excursions. Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen television, mini bar and air-conditioning, as well as a telephone and Internet access.


Motels can be allocated a maximum of four stars and as they offer easy parking access, they are best suited to those travelling by car.

Resorts and Spas

Resorts and sanatoriums offer a variety of health and complementary treatments. Spas also provide treatments to improve general well-being, as well as offering beauty treatments. These types of accommodation are generally located in picturesque surroundings, outside city centres and near natural resources.

Further Information

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