Fishing in Azerbaijan

Find out about the fishing categories, seasons and the permits required to fish along the coast and in the fresh water rivers, canals, lakes and dams of Azerbaijan...

The largest rivers in Azerbaijan are the Araz and Kura and there are numerous other rivers and lakes. Lake Sarysu is the only lake where commercial fishing is allowed, while recreational fishing is allowed in the Mingechavir and Shamkir Reservoirs. Jeyranbatan Reservoir, which is closest to Baku, cannot be used for fishing as it is a resource for drinking water in both Baku and Sumgait.

Azerbaijan is home to nearly 100 species of fish. The Caspian Sea is famous for valuable fish such as sturgeon, including the beluga sturgeon.

Fishing Permit

A fishing permit is required before anyone can fish in Azerbaijani waters. A permit can be obtained from travel agencies which organise fishing tours, or the Hunter and Fisherman Society. These companies can advise on the documents required to obtain a permit. Fishing tours offered by agencies generally take place on the outskirts of Baku, approximately 50 Km away.

  • Hunter and Fisherman Society of Azerbaijan Republic
    : 29, Metbuat Avenue, Yasamal District, AZ1100 Baku
    Tel: (012) 432 01 06 / (012) 432 87 68 / (012) 432 34 14
  • For a list of travel agencies from Baku Tourism Centre: Click here

In order to fish at a private water reservoir permission must be obtained from the owner.

Fishing Regulations

Recreational fishing is allowed during the day under the following conditions:

  • For non-predatory species of fish, the daily limit is five kilograms. For species such as perch, pike, Wels catfish and sanders, there is no daily limit
  • Fishing during the spawning period is prohibited
  • Fish species listed in the Azerbaijani Red Book are not allowed to be fished. For further information about fish species listed in the Red Book: Click here and scroll down to "Animals in the Red Book"
  • A life jacket must be worn when fishing
  • The following fishing equipment can be used:
    • A spinning rod
    • A maximum number of seven hooks at one time
    • Ground tackle
    • A winter fishing rod, but not more than two per fisherman at the same time
  • Fishing boats must be registered with the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Fishing Areas and Seasons

The following areas are popular for recreational fishing, but only in those areas permitted by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources:

  • The Caspian Sea - for information about fishing in the Caspian Sea, including species in the Red Book: Click here
  • Sarysu Lake has carp, roach and pike
  • The Kura and Araz rivers are suited to hook-fishing to catch kutum and chub, while the rivers' lakes and ponds have sazan, pike and pike-perch. When fishing with a hook, shemaya, tench, Caspian roach, plump fish and rudd may also be caught
  • At Alat Bay and the Absheron Peninsula (65 Km from Baku)
  • Another popular area for fishing and hunting is Ikinji Shikhli in the Qaazakh region. For further information about Ikinji Shikhli: Click here
  • Mingechavir Reservoir has bream, common carp, pike-perch, roach, asp and shemaya
  • Shamkir Reservoir has bream, carp, pike-perch, roach and shemaya

Fishing is prohibited at the following places and times:

  • 1 January to 15 June - Davachi Terminal
  • 1 January to 15 August - channel connecting Davachi Terminal and the Caspian Sea (including surrounding area)
  • 1 March to 31 July - crayfish hunting is prohibited
  • 1 April to 30 April - 10 Km area from Mingechevir city bridge to Varvara Reservoir
  • 1 April to 1 September - in the Mingechavir and Shamkir Reservoirs
  • 1 May to 30 June - reservoirs connected to the Kura River
  • 1 May to 30 June - rivers going into the Caspian Sea
  • 1 June to 1 July - shrimp fishing is prohibited
  • 1 June to 20 July - the area from Ali Bayramli Farm to the main Shirvan collector

To verify a fishing season and its location, it is advisable to contact the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources or the Hunter and Fisherman Society.

Further Information

  • For information about fishing law in Azerbaijan: Click here
  • For information about Azerbaijan's inland water and rivers: Click here