Sailing in Azerbaijan

Contact details for the organisations that can be contacted for information relating to boat registration and boat licences...

The Ministry of Emergency Situations is responsible for emergencies, including at sea.

  • Emergency Tel: 112

The State Maritime Administration is responsible for legislation related to sailing and maritime issues.

Registering a Small Boat

The Ministry of Emergency Situations is responsible for the registration of small boats and for issuing boat licences. Applications for boat registration are made at the State Inspection Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the application takes approximately ten days to process.

  • For information about the rules and procedure for registering small boats from the Ministry of Emergency Situations: Click here

For information about obtaining a boat licence and the documents required, contact the State Inspection Department:

  • State Inspection Department
    : 26 Najefgulu Rafiyev Street, Khatai District, Baku
    Tel/Fax: (012) 512 17 71

Sailing Tours

Yacht tours are available to visitors in Baku, these are organised from the Yacht Club.

  • Yacht Club
    : (012) 499 98 92
    Fax: (012) 499 98 86

There are also 40-minute sea tours which leave from the Boulevard sea terminal.

  • Seaside National Park
    : (012) 497 87 48