Social Insurance in Azerbaijan

Find out about an individual's obligations and benefit entitlements under Azerbaijan’s social welfare system...

It is compulsory for foreign citizens to register for social insurance, but this does not include health services.

Social insurance applications are generally made by the company, on behalf of the expatriate. The following documents are needed for a successful application:

  • Q3 application form (for first time applications)
  • If the insured changes address, a Q3 form must be filled out again
  • If a social insurance certificate gets lost, or for a duplicate certificate, or the insured's personal information changes, a Q5 application form must be filled out
  • Supplemental table (provided by the SSPF to the insured)
  • S4 form (provided by the insured to the SSPF)
  • For further information about the forms: Click here and then select 'Documentation required for getting social insurance certificate'
  • To download the application forms used at the SSPF: Click here (in Azerbaijani)

Mandatory social insurance covers:

  • Labour pensions
  • Temporary disability payments
  • A maternity allowance
  • A lump sum payment for childbirth
  • In special circumstances, benefits for families taking care of a child or children
  • A funeral allowance
  • An allowance for medical treatment at resorts (full or partial payment)
  • For further information about mandatory state insurance payments: Click here

Contact the Call Centre for information about making a claim.

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