Telephone Numbers in Azerbaijan

Find out how to make a call to or from Azerbaijan; also online phone books for Azerbaijan, the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Scandinavian countries and others of relevance to Angloinfo's users...

Useful Telephone Numbers

To call internationally to Azerbaijan: 
Dial country code then Azerbaijani number
Entry code
994 + area code (remove the first 0) + Tel number
To call internationally from Azerbaijan:
Dial exit code followed by country code and number
Exit code:
00 + country code + Tel number
Directory enquiries and information service Tel: 157

To call landlines within the same town, dial the seven digit telephone number without the area code:

  • For example: 123 45 67

To call a mobile telephone, dial the operator number, for example 050, followed by the mobile telephone number:

  • For example: 050 123 45 67

Telephone Directories

The Azerbaijani Yellow Pages are available online in English.

United Kingdom


Isle of Man

United States


New Zealand


South Africa