Pet Carriers and Travel Arrangements

Find out how to transport your pet safely and legally into Azerbaijan, and the documents required when leaving Azerbaijan with your pet...

Some airlines insist that a professional pet exporter is used to arrange flights for an animal to ensure that everything is completed on time prior to departure.

The International Air Transport Association provides guidelines on how to transport an animal by air. To travel by air the container must allow the animal to stand and turn normally as well as sit and lie in a natural position.

  • For advice from the International Air Transport Association on transporting an animal and preparing for the journey: Click here

Travelling can be very traumatic for an animal, so it advisable to allow them to get used to their travelling crate in the months leading up to the flight. Different airlines have different regulations so the rules for a chosen carrier should be checked when planning the journey.

Leaving Azerbaijan

The requirements that must be met when taking a pet animal out of Azerbaijan depend on the destination country. Most will require the animal to have an up to date health certificate; these can obtained from the veterinary station in Baku. A country's Embassy in Baku should be able to provide information on taking a pet into that country.

Further details on importing a pet into some countries can be found from the links below:

  • In the United Kingdom the requirements a pet animal must meet are produced by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. For more information: Click here
  • People wishing to bring an animal into a European Union country should follow the guidelines from the Europa website. For more information: Click here
  • To bring a pet animal into Australia the requirements of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service must be met. For more information: Click here
  • To enter New Zealand with a pet the guidelines given by Biosecurity New Zealand should be met. For more information: Click here
  • In the United States guidelines for bringing a pet animal into the country are given by the Centre for Disease Control. For more information: Click here
  • To enter Canada the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency must be met. For more information: Click here

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