Azerbaijan Administration Offices

Information about the various offices related to administrative procedures in Azerbaijan, including where to go for immigration issues, driving licences and moreā€¦

Immigration and Registration

The State Migration Service (SMS) is in charge of immigration and citizenship. It is responsible for issuing temporary and permanent residence and work permits and extensions for temporary residence permits. It is also responsible for applications for Registration at the Place of Residence.

  • State Migration Service
    At: Block 3123, 202 Binagadi Highway, Binagadi, AZ1114 Baku
    Tel: (012) 562 56 23 / (012) 562 57 73 / (012) 562 57 74
    Fax: (012) 562 37 02

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides visa services, information about notary services, extensions of permanent residency permits, as well as information about how to register any changes in social status (for example, marriage, divorce, or birth registration). The website contains information and contact details about embassies and consulates in Azerbaijan.

The State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations (ASAN) provides notary services, registration of civil acts, registration of property, information about the documents required for a temporary residence permit, registration of commercial and legal persons/entities, and the renewal of a driving licence.


All individuals and companies generating income in Azerbaijan are subject to taxation. The Ministry of Taxes oversees the collection of taxes and its website provides information about relevant legislation (including the tax code of Azerbaijan), the tax calendar, how to pay taxes, how to submit tax returns, as well as the penalties for late payments.

  • Ministry of Taxes
    At: 16 Landau Street, AZ1073 Baku
    Tel: (012) 403 89 70 / Call centre 195
    Fax: (012) 403 89 71


The State Customs Committee regulates the import and export of items into and out of Azerbaijan, and determines the rules and regulations for the declaration of goods and the payment of state duties.

To import a vehicle into Azerbaijan, the Customs Department of Motor Transport of the State Customs Committee should be contacted.

Employment and Social Security

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection is the governing body responsible for determining state policy on labour law, social security, and pensions.

Driving Licences and Vehicle Registration

The State Traffic Police Department, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for car registration, vehicle inspection and the issue of driving licences.

Registration of Birth, Death and Marriage

State registry offices function under the Ministry of Justice in Azerbaijan and are responsible for the registration of births, deaths, changes in name, and divorce. There are approximately 80 registry offices situated throughout Azerbaijan.

  • Main Registry Office (ZAGS)
    At: 36A, Gara Garayev Avenue, Nizami District, Baku
    Tel: (012) 421 35 86

Births, deaths and marriages can also be registered at an ASAN Service Centre.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism provides information about tourist routes, resorts, museums, theatres, cinemas and hotels. It also organises exhibitions and concerts in Azerbaijan and oversees.