Speed Limits, Road Classifications and Breakdown Recovery

Understand the different speed limits and types of road in Azerbaijan, plus who to call following a breakdown or accident...

Types of Roads

Many areas in Baku have roads under construction or repair. The website of the Intelligent Transport Management Centre has a map detailing areas where traffic is restricted as a result of construction or an accident. It also has a map of Baku.

Road Signs

  • For pictures of Azerbaijani road signs: Click here (PDF)

Speed Limits

Unless otherwise marked by signs, speed limits in Azerbaijan are as follows:

  • 40-60 Km/h in built-up areas
  • 90 Km/h on single carriageways and expressways
  • 110 Km/h on motorways

Breakdown Assistance

There are no specific breakdown companies in Azerbaijan. Drivers can take out additional insurance cover for breakdown and accident situations.