Parking in Azerbaijan

Understand the rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and in car parks, plus how to pay a parking fee in Azerbaijan...

Most shopping malls and hotels in Baku have parking lots. Fees at parking lots differ, but generally start at one manat for one hour. Monthly parking subscriptions are also available. Road signs indicate if parking is allowed in front of shops and theatres.

Parking fines

Baku's Traffic Police Department issue parking fines that are placed on the vehicle's windscreen. In addition, Baku's streets are equipped with cameras to monitor parking and parking violations. If a car is parked in violation of a rule for more than five minutes, the information is sent to the Intelligent Transport Management Centre and the car is towed away. A penalty is then sent to the owner's residential address. It includes the following information:

  • Photograph of the car and licence plate
  • The amount of the fine and where it should be paid

After the owner has paid the fine, the car can be picked up from the state parking lot.

How to pay parking fines

Parking fines should be paid within one month at a bank. If it is paid within the first three days of receiving it, there is a ten percent discount.

If the fine is not paid within one month, it increases by two percent. After two months, the driver's car is confiscated

  • For further information about traffic fines: Click here (in Azerbaijani)