Train Travel in Azerbaijan

Information on getting around the country by train using the Azerbaijan rail network...

Train services in Azerbaijan are operated by Azerbaijan Railways. The system’s infrastructure is currently undergoing modernisation and refurbishment. The centre of the rail network is Baku, with an extensive network connecting all parts of the country. Long distance services connect Baku with Moscow, Tumen, Kharkov and Rostov. The Azerbaijan Railways website is comprehensive; it offers timetables, route maps and fare information.


Online ticket purchasing is available for local services, and tickets can be reserved up to ten days in advance. They must be collected at least one hour prior to departure. Children under the age of five travel free of charge; from five to ten years old, childrens' tickets are half price. Pets travel for free, but a passport and vaccination certificate must be carried at all times.

There is a daily service connecting Baku with Tbilisi in Georgia. It runs overnight.

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Baku Trains

Trains from Baku leave from the Central Railway Station, which is located in the Nasimi district, near the 28th May metro station.

  • Central Railway Station
    Tel: (012) 493 93 66 / (012) 499 47 81
  • For train schedules from Baku to local destinations: Click here
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For overnight travel there are three options:

  1. Closed carriage compartment, for four passengers (Kupe)
  2. Compartment for 2 passengers (S/V)
  3. Open compartment, for up to six passengers (Platskart).

Baku Metro

Baku has a metro system, known locally as Bak? Metropoliteni. The system connects a network of 23 over and under ground stations around the city, with two lines; a red line and a green line. Travellers pay for their fare, which has a fixed price no matter the journey length, via a card system. Cards can be purchased at metro station cash desks. Once purchased, cards are swiped at turnstiles to pay for a journey; money can be added to a card at card-charging machines in stations. Smoking and drinking alcohol are both prohibited on the metro.