Buying a Used Car in Azerbaijan

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying and registering a used car in Azerbaijan...

Local newspapers and websites can be useful when buying or selling a used car.

Online advertisements to sell cars are generally free of charge. The information is completed online and a photograph of the car can be attached.

Used car dealerships will service the car, provide a warranty and all the documents which are needed to register the car with the State Traffic Police.

When buying a car from a car market, it is important to check first what services they offer. A reputable car market will offer the following:

  • Notary service
  • Payment transfer to a bank
  • Car wash
  • Spare parts

Purchasing a used car at a car market usually takes one to two days, if both the buyer and seller are available to sign the agreement at a notary office. The registration of the sale and purchase agreement is done within one hour at a notary office. The car's seller does not have to make an appointment in advance. Both the seller and buyer simply agree on a day and time to do the paperwork with the notary.

  • For a list of notary offices in Baku: Click here

Many notary offices provide translation services as well.

Private sellers advertise cars for sale on websites or sell them at car markets in Baku. While many Azerbaijanis buy cars from private sellers, it is recommended that foreigners negotiate a private car purchase accompanied by an Azerbaijani speaker. It is also advisable to ask a mechanic to check the car.

Registering a Vehicle

Car registration takes place at the State Traffic Police Department, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Registration must take place within the first ten days after purchase. (A car must also be re-registered within the first ten days of moving to new accommodation).

The car's owner makes an appointment by applying to the State Traffic Police Department. The buyer and seller should both be present for the registration procedure.

  • For further information about the registration procedure: Click here

Documents required

To register or re-register a car the following documents are required:

  • Application form - to download the form: Click here
  • Residence registration card from the State Migration Service or a local ID card
  • Passport - translated into Azerbaijani and notarised in Baku - or ID card
  • Driving licence (foreign licences must be translated into Azerbaijani and notarised in Baku

The following documents are also needed and are provided either by the dealership or market where the car was bought:

  • Document confirming vehicle ownership
  • Document confirming payment for the vehicle
  • Car's service record

If the car was bought privately, a notarised contract between the seller and buyer is required. This usually includes the sale price of the car, and technical details such as model and serial number, as well as passport details of the car buyer and car seller.

The following fees must be paid:

  • Car registration fee
  • Licence plates' fee
  • Technical check-up fee
  • If any repairs are carried out by the Police Department, then they must be paid for

The car undergoes a technical check-up and the following are issued:

  • Licence plates - cars have two licence plates and motorcycles one plate
  • Technical check-up card

Re-registering a Car

Re-registration of a car must be done in the following situations:

  • When the car changes owner
  • When the owner changes address
  • When the first or last name of the car's owner changes
  • Following any technical modifications to the car
  • When the owner wants to put the car in their spouse's name
  • For further information about re-registering a car: Click here

Licence Plates

A car bought by a foreigner or a foreign company in Azerbaijan is licenced with yellow plates.

  • For pictures of Azerbaijani licence plates: Click here
  • For information about licence plate codes for each region: Click here