Importing a Vehicle

Find out how to import a car to Azerbaijan and get it registered on the roads and the documents required when bringing a car for personal use in Azerbaijan...

Importing a vehicle to Azerbaijan is overseen by the Customs Department of Motor Transport of the State Customs Committee.

Cars or motorcycles imported on a temporary basis (less than two years) are exempt from import duty and tax; however a fee of between 0.18 and 0.30 percent of the vehicle's invoice value is charged by customs. The owner of the vehicle must also pay a deposit which will be refunded after customs has inspected the car on leaving the country.

Customs duties and taxes must be paid in full for cars and motorcycles which are imported on a permanent basis. This includes the customs fee, VAT (currently at 18 percent) and road taxes.

Note: Right-hand drive vehicles and those which do not meet the Euro 3 emissions standard may not be imported into Azerbaijan.


Non-residents of Azerbaijan may import their vehicle for temporary use. For anyone who is both a non-resident and the importer of a vehicle that does not meet Euro 4 ecological standards, extra documentation must be presented.

Registering an Imported Vehicle

Vehicles must be registered with the State Traffic Police Department within the first ten days of completing customs clearance. Once these processes are complete, the owner receives licence plates and the vehicle's registration card, both of which are required for a foreign vehicle to be driven legally in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan operates a Single Window Principle for imported vehicles, which means that customs clearance and registration of imported vehicles can now be completed simultaneously. A completed customs declaration form is necessary for a vehicle which is to be used on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Licence plates

Licence plates issued to foreigners living in Azerbaijan are printed on a yellow background and consist of the letter H followed by three digits, a space then three more digits.

Different number plates apply for employees of diplomatic missions, technical personnel and for vehicles registered at the legal address of joint ventures.

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