Job Contracts in Azerbaijan

Information on job contracts in Azerbaijan and what the contract should include...

To remain in Azerbaijan foreigners must keep to the terms of their employment contract. All workers in the country are covered by the 1999 Labour Code. A written employment contract or agreement is given to an employee; it outlines the basic conditions of employment and the legal obligations of both the employee and employer. Contracts can either be for an unspecified period of time or for a fixed term of up to five years.

Contracts must contain the following information:

  • The full name and address of the employee and employer
  • The employee's position and place of work
  • The date from which the contract becomes valid and the employee's first day of work
  • How long the contract is valid for
  • Employees' duties
  • General labour terms and conditions: salary, working hours and break times, annual leave, labour protection and social insurance
  • Details of any other insurance provided
  • Obligations the employer and employee must adhere to
  • Any other agreed terms and conditions

At least two copies of the contract should be made. All copies should be signed, or stamped with a seal, by both the employer and employee. The employee should keep one copy. Contracts are only valid if they are signed or sealed.

Working Hours

The working week in Azerbaijan is 40 hours; however, there may be exceptions in certain professions or workplaces.

Further Information

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