English-language Cinema in Flanders

Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today in Belgian Flanders, and where to find your nearest cinema...

Many of the cinemas in Flanders have multiple theatres, each showing a different film. Two major chains, Utopolis and Kinepolis, dominate the cinema market in larger cities, with their multi-screen complexes showing mainstream movies.


Cinemas almost always show films in their original language with Dutch and/or French subtitles.

This is stated in cinema listings as:

  • O.V. Nl/Fr Sub. (or ond.) (Original Version with Bilingual subtitles)
  • O.V. Nl Sub. (or ond.) (Original Version with Dutch subtitles)
  • O.V. Fr Sub. (or ond.) (Original Version with French subtitles)

Films in Dutch are marked NV and films in French are indicated by VF. Children's films are nearly always dubbed rather than subtitled.

Other information included in film schedules is 3D, or Dig for digital.


Cinema programmes generally change on Wednesdays. The cinenews.be and Cinebel websites have an overview of current listings in Belgian cinemas and allow a search by area, by cinema or by movie.

Film Details

A film's original language and other details can be checked with the Internet Movie Database, a complete film resource with information on the director, actors, reviews and awards.