English-language Media in Flanders

The English-language print, online and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Flanders...

A selection of English-language TV and radio broadcasts are available in Flanders. A few print/online publications can also be found in the Flanders area and Brussels.

English-language Television

Brussels International on TV Brussel is a news programme for English-speaking expats, broadcasted on Sundays from 18:30-19:00 and 19:30-22:00, and on Mondays from 10:30-11:00. It is available on cable TV.

English-language Print Media

(A)way Magazine: Magazine for international families in Belgium, published every two months. Includes information on health and well-being, fashion and leisure, children and education and Belgian life.

Flanders Today: Weekly news magazine in English with local news about the Flanders region and Belgium. Also available online.

The Bulletin: English-language weekly magazine focussing on news, arts and lifestyle issues. Available by subscription or at some newsstands.

English-language Online Media

Flanders News: Online Belgian and Flemish news in English provided by the VRT TV channel.