Bus Services in Flanders

Find out how to get around Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and other towns in Flanders using the bus network...

Bus services in Flanders are operated by De Lijn.

  • De Lijn
    Tel: 070 220 220 Monday to Friday 07:00-18:00, Saturday from 10:00-18:00
  • For a route planner: Click here

De Lijn Offices


The Flanders bus network is divided into zones. The cost of a ticket depends on the number of zones crossed during travel. Passengers can buy a single ticket, a pass (from one to seven days), or a season ticket (for unlimited travel).

  • For information on fares, bus passes and season tickets: Click here

Tickets can be bought from dedicated De Lijn shops (Lijnwinkels) established in each province. In addition a large number of outlets, including train stations, some newsagents and supermarkets, sell tickets and passes. Tickets purchased from the driver on boarding the bus cost significantly more than tickets bought in advance. The exact fare must be presented to the driver and €10 is the highest bank note that can be used on a bus.

It is also possible to purchase an SMS ticket using a mobile telephone.

Free season tickets

Some passengers can benefit from free travel on De Lijn buses, for example:

  • Children under the age of 6
  • Under some circumstances children aged 6-11
  • People over 65
  • People with a disability
  • Job seekers with a vocational training contract
  • For a full list of those who can benefit, with conditions: Click here


Dial-a-bus is a specific service offered by De Lijn. The service only runs upon request, has no fixed route or timetable, but will only start and end or stop at De Lijn bus stops. The fare is identical to normal travel.

Services for People with Disabilities

There are approximately 40,000 bus stops in Flanders. Most of them are accessible to people with reduced mobility or sight impairment. All newly acquired vehicles are adapted for the various types of disabilities with the objective of all vehicles being compliant by 2019. Drivers undergo special training to provide help to travellers with reduced mobility. Visually impaired travellers can indicate their destination stop to the driver. They can also travel with their guide dog.

  • For more details on services for people with disabilities: Click here (in Dutch)

Lost Property

Lost property information can be obtained from the central De Lijn telephone number.

  • Tel: 070 220 200