Buying and Selling Pets

Information on the rules and regulations to consider when buying or selling a dog, cat or any other animal in Belgium...

The sale and purchase of animals is subject to a number of regulations:

  • Dogs may not be traded unless they have been tagged and registered legally
  • All breeders must be registered and must comply with legislation
  • Neither cats nor dogs may be sold anywhere on the public highway
  • Public advertising or publicity is prohibited
  • Belgian pet shops may not sell cats and dogs

Anyone wishing to buy a pet cat or dog must go to an animal sanctuary or breeder. No animals can be sold to anyone under the age of 16 without with the express permission of their parents or guardians.

It is illegal to buy or sell any animal if it displays any sign of illness, nor can an animal be bought or sold if it has been illegally imported or has been detained. Lost and abandoned animals can only be transferred under specific circumstances and after all attempts have been made to reunite them with their owners. Young non-weaned or prematurely weaned mammals may not be bought or sold.

Exotic animals or animals not listed on the permitted list cannot be traded, and all publicity surrounding the sale or purchase of such animals is also forbidden.