Lost and Found Animals

Information on what to do if you find or lose an animal in Belgium...

Anyone who finds a lost or abandoned animal must report it to the local police and take it to a refuge – it is not permitted to simply keep it. The refuge is obliged by law to keep lost animals for at least two weeks. During this time every effort must be made to trace the legal owners (usually by means of the animal's microchip or tattoo). The owner will be expected to meet any costs involved, including boarding costs at the refuge until the animal is claimed.

If no owner can be traced then the refuge may allow adoption of the animal. Anyone interested in adopting an animal will be provided with information regarding how the animal came to be at the refuge, its general character, behaviour, health and feeding habits.

If an animal is not adopted because of ill-health or violent behaviour it will be put to sleep after consultation with a vet.

Europetnet is a pet database, operating throughout Europe, for finding lost animals. Pet owners need to register the animal's microchip number with the Europetnet database. This will allow for the missing animal to be traced from any member country in Europe.

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