Enrolling a Child in School

Information on the school enrolment procedure in Belgium...

To enrol a child it will be necessary to supply evidence of their identity, for example passport and birth certificate. A series of forms are then completed to cover basic contact details, medical history and any known learning issues. Residency permits and visa details, if appropriate, may also be required.

Schools require evidence that children have received their routine vaccinations before they are admitted. If a child does not have the required vaccinations these can usually be given by a doctor free of charge for those officially resident.

  • Full details of vaccinations provided to children and adults in Belgium can be found on the official vaccination site: Click here (in French)

Some universities and high schools insist on pupils having adequate insurance for health, accident and third party liability. All schools encourage supplementary insurance for school outings and trips and to cover medical emergencies as well as loss or damage to glasses (for example).

Schools in Belgium are normally able to provide childcare facilities before and after school for a fee to assist working parents. Typically this means that children can be supervised on the school premises from 07:30 to 18:00. However, this is mostly in state schools – many privately-run schools such as Catholic schools provide limited or no childcare – check before enrolling.