Hospitals with Accident and Emergency Rooms in Brussels

Details of hospitals in Brussels which are equipped to handle emergency cases, plus information on 24 hour pharmacies...

If you're in need of emergency medical attention, there are a number of hospitals in the Brussels area which have accident and emergency departments. Thanks to the on-call rota, you'll never be more than five kilometres away from an open pharmacy, no matter the time of day or night.

Hospitals with accident and emergency rooms

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire/Universitair Verplegingscentrum Brugmann
: Place Van Gehuchten 4, 1020 Brussels
Tel: 02 477 20 01 (emergencies adults)
Tel: 02 477 31 00 (emergencies children)
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire St-Pierre/Universitair Medisch Centrum Sint-Pieter
: Rue Haute 322, 1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 535 42 20 (emergencies adults)
Tel: 02 535 42 79 (emergencies children)
Clinique St Jean/Kliniek Sint-Jan
At: Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 32, 1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 221 91 12
Cliniques de l'Europe - Ste Elisabeth
: Ave. De Fré 206, 1180 Brussels
Tel: 02 373 16 00
Hôpital Académique de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B, Hôpital Erasme/Academisch Ziekenhuis van de Université Libre de Bruxelles)
: Route de Lennik 808, 1070 Brussels
Tel: 02 555 34 05
Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola/Universitair Kinderziekenhuis Koningin Fabiola
: Avenue J. J. Crocq 15, 1020 Brussels
Tel: 02 477 31 00
  • Residents in the Brussels area can find information on health facilities, a full list of emergency hospitals and links on the Brussels municipal website
  • For hospitals and clinics in the capital (without accident and emergency departments): Click here

24-hour pharmacies

Twelve of the twenty-four duty chemists in Brussels stay open after 23:00. They are located throughout the city so as to ensure that there is one within five kilometres of every address. To find the duty chemists open between 23:00-09:00:

  • Consult the Pharmacie/Apotheek website (in French & Dutch), then type in a postcode to find a local pharmacy on duty
  • Tel: 07 066 01 60 / 09 001 05 00
  • For special vaccines, serums and gamma globulins out of hours, consult:
    Clinique Générale Saint-Jean
    : Rue du Marais 114, 1000 Brussels

Local doctors and dentists

  • For a list of medical professionals (including doctors and dentists) in the Brussels area, visit the US Embassy website