Facilities and Support for People with Disabilities in Brussels

Further resources for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or special learning needs in Brussels...

Within the capital there are a number of organisations which provide services specifically for people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities living in Brussels.

  • Parents with disabled children can contact the Community Help Service (CHS), which has a team of English-speaking counsellors who can offer advice on a range of problems, including disabilities and where to get help
  • In the Brussels area, parents can call Brussels Support for the Handicapped (BRUSH) for English-speaking advice
    • Tel: 02 660 32 25
  • ReCI Bruxelles - Organisation helping those with physical disabilities in the Brussels area
    At: Boulevard Lambermont 61, 1030 Brussels
    Tel: 02 538 25 67
  • Bruxelles Pour Tous is a tourist website for those with reduced mobility. It has information on public transport in Brussels and on hotels, restaurants, museums and other areas that are easily accessible for those in a wheelchair. It also includes a list of associations in Belgium
    At: Rue A. Renoir 5/4, 1140 EvereĀ 
    Tel: 02 705 03 48