Postnatal Care

Find out what support and medical care are available for parents and babies following a birth...

ONE or K&G continue to supervise post natal care once mother and newborn have returned home. Doctors (including paediatric specialists) as well as the TMS (travailleur médico-social) see both mother and baby on a regular basis during the early years. The TMS in particular will often visit the new family at home or see mother and baby regularly at one of the access points (including hospitals and clinics) throughout the country.

The TMS is the new mother's first point of contact for most practical help including dietary advice, and general development.

Carnet de L'Enfant

At birth each child is issued with a record book known as the Carnet de L'Enfant and this should be taken along to any consultation about the child's health or well being. It contains slips (vignettes) for vaccinations due in the first 18 months of the child's life. These slips are given to the medical practitioner who administers the vaccination and they allow him to give the vaccination free of charge.

The Carnet de L'Enfant is also be used to record details of the child's physical and social development, for example, weight and height, sight and hearing tests.


Vaccinations are provided free of charge and details of what is due and when are given in the Carnet de l'Enfant. The TMS can answer questions if parents have concerns. Vaccinations are often carried out at a consultation with an ONE representative, but equally the family GP may administer them.

Vaccinations are given at 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 12 months and 15 months.