Registration of the Birth

Understand how to register the birth of a new child and whether a child born in Belgium is eligible for Belgian nationality...

Babies born in Belgium can assume Belgian nationality at birth only if the parents have lived in Belgium for at least five consecutive years in the ten years prior to the birth.

According to Belgian law, the birth of a child in Belgium must be registered within 15 days at the Town Hall (Maison communale/Stadhuis) of the place of birth – not where the parents live. To register the birth the following are needed:

  • the medical certificate issued by the hospital or medical practitioner
  • the parents' marriage certificate, if their is one, or a parent certificate for the father
  • both parents' ID cards

In return parents are provided with various forms which they can then use to apply for benefits.

Non-Belgians are advised to register the birth of children with their consulate at the earliest opportunity to ensure that they can claim citizenship for the child.