The Property Buying Process

An overview of the steps involved in the house purchase process in Belgium…

The process of buying a property begins with financing it, likely through a mortgage (prêt hypothécaire). If this has not yet been approved at the time of the purchase, it is possible to ask to have a suspensive clause (compromis de vente avec clause suspensive) added to the contract, making the purchase valid only if the loan is approved.

When the parties have agreed, the purchase agreement (compromise de vente) is signed and the sale is closed. If the contract is subject to financing, which is often the case, it takes one or two months to close the deal. It is recommended to always let a notary take care of the purchase agreement.

A deposit is normally paid when the agreement is signed. The official notarised deed of sale (acte notarié) must be signed by the two parties and the notary within four months of the purchase agreement. It is a registration of the sale.

If the contract includes an arbitration clause, any problems can be resolved without going to court.