Other Rental Costs

Information about other costs that may occur when renting a flat or house in Belgium...

Before you sign your lease, there are other ongoing costs which should be considered alongside the deposit and rental costs.

Service Charges

Service or common charges are paid each month, on top of the rental amount agreed in the lease. This is an estimated amount of money which goes towards paying for the maintenance and repair of communal areas, such as lifts, grounds, stairways and lobbies. It also covers communal water supplies, sewerage and any other shared utilities. The real cost for these services is calculated at the end of each year.


The tenant is required by law to have a comprehensive household insurance certificate (premium rates depend on the size of the property). Proof of insurance must be shown to the landlord at the signing of the lease, and may be requested each time the lease is renewed.

The landlord may add a clause to both new and renewed contracts, demanding termination of the contract if the tenant fails to insure the property.

The following are covered by household insurance:

  • A percentage of capital and valuables
  • Legal costs incurred when personally liable or when claiming against a third party
  • Civil liability
  • Fire, explosion and related risks
  • Weather-related risks (water damage)
  • Attacks on the building and acts of God
  • Theft and vandalism to set amounts
  • Broken windows

Further Information

  • Comprehensive information from the Belgian portal (in French & Dutch)
  • Brussels Tenants Association (Fédération Bruxelloise des Unions de Locataires - FEBUL/Brusselse Federatie. van Huurdersverenigingen)
    At: Rue du Progrès 333/1, 1030 Brussels
    Tel: 02 274 14 57