Terminating the Lease Agreement

Understand how to legally terminate a lease agreement in Belgium...

Rental contracts in Belgium can last for different durations – short term (less than three years), standard (nine years), long term (more than nine years) or lifetime. The most common is a standard lease.

At the end of the nine years the lease is automatically renewed, unless the landlord or tenant has sent a registered letter at least six months beforehand, giving notice of an intention not to renew. Contracts are then renewed three years at the time, and notice can be given six months before the end of the rental period.

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Notice Periods for Standard and Long Term Contracts

The Tenant

The tenant has the right to terminate the contract. Notice to quit must be given at least three months in advance.

Tenant penalties for breaking the lease:

  • If the lease is broken within the first year, a penalty of three months' rent must be paid
  • If the lease is broken during the second year, two months' rent is due
  • One month's rent must be paid if termination occurs during the third year

The Landlord

The landlord may terminate the tenant's lease at any time if the property is required by them or by a member of their close family. In all cases, the landlord must give six months' notice. If the landlord fails to give proper notice, a penalty of 18 months' rent is due.

The landlord can terminate the lease, giving six months’ notice, at the end of each three year period of the lease:

  • If the lease is broken after the first three year period, the penalty is the amount of nine months’ rent
  • If its broken after the second three year period, it is the equivilant of six months’ rent

The landlord may also quit the agreement if the tenant has not paid rent, and must notify the tenant by registered letter.