Food Culture in Belgium

Find out about traditional Belgian cuisine and dishes to be found throughout the country...

With so many influences among its current varied population, it is not surprising that the Belgians have a passion for food and cooking. Various invaders throughout history including the Romans, Vikings, Spanish, French and English have all left their mark on the national cuisine.

The much quoted saying is that the Belgians cook their food with the finesse of the French but serve it in generous German size portions!

Many of the more hearty stews and soups are recipes handed down from one generation to another. Belgian chocolates and beer are internationally renowned and are in themselves a lure for many tourists with festivals celebrating both products.

Street stands selling waffles and chips are found almost everywhere for those wanting something quick. Restaurants tend to approach things more seriously and meals are seldom hurried.

Vegetarians and those with food allergies may find their options limited in some parts of the country.