Food and Drink in Belgium

Understand more about traditional Belgian cuisine...

Many Belgians and non-Belgians consider their food to be Europe's second finest cuisine (behind the French). Flemish cuisine has a strong Dutch influence, as one might expect, whereas Wallonian cuisine is similar to French cooking, with lots of rich sauces.

There is a huge variety of places to eat out, from modest cafés to Michelin starred restaurants, throughout the country.

Most main dishes are meat or fish based – there is little vegetarian food on offer, except at specialist restaurants. Coastal areas tend to favour seafood dishes, and many dishes are livened up with herbs and spices. Medieval influences can often be found in dishes which combine sweet and sour tastes, such as Buttermilk Soup with Apples, or Braised Chicken with Grapes.

Desserts almost always involve pastries or chocolate.

Although wine (mostly French) is popular, beer is still without doubt the national drink and often accompanies a meal.