Holiday Accommodation Options in Belgium

Information about where to stay when taking a holiday, spending a long weekend or travelling in Belgium...

Belgium is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe, making it a popular international tourist destination. The majority of tourists come from Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands. There are many types of vacation accommodation available.


Belgian tourist authorities rate hotels within a Benelux scheme of one to five star ratings, with five star being the top category. There is a fixed set of criteria covering levels of comfort, facilities and service performance that the ratings are based on.

Brussels hotels offer reduced rates of about 50 percent at the weekend and during the summer. Bookings are possible by telephone with Belgian Tourist Reservations.

  • Tel: 02 513 74 84

Logis de Belge

An alternative classification is offered in the Logis de Belge network, whose premises are categorised from one to three chimneys, depending on the services they offer.

  • Logis de Belge
    : Rue de l'Eglise 15, 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne
    Tel: 08 441 27 67

It is also possible to stay in self-catering apartments or bed and breakfast accommodation throughout Belgium.


Youth hostels in Belgium (Chambres d'hôte/Jeugdherbergen) are open all the year round; it is advisable to book during the summer. There are youth hostels throughout the country. Les Auberges de Jeunesse - LAJ is the French speaking Federation of youth hostels and can provide information regarding hostels, membership cards and online bookings.

  • LAJ
    : Rue de la Sablonnière 28, 1000 Brussels
    Tel: 02 219 56 76
    Fax: 02 219 14 51

The Vlaamse JeugdHerbergen is the Flemish Youth Hostel Federation. The website has information about hostels in Belgium and allows online bookings.

Camping and Caravanning

Camping Belgique is the official federation of campsite operators in Wallonia. The Camping Federatie Recread is the official federation for the Flemish-speaking region. For further information on camping and caravanning, contact the CKVB or Camping Belgique:

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