Lost or Stolen Bank Cards, Credit Cards, Cheques and Mobile Telephones

What to do and who to call if your bank cards or telephones are lost or stolen in Belgium...

Any lost or stolen bank cards, credit cards or cheque books should be reported to the nearest police station in the place where the theft happened. The police will provide a certificate for the issuing authority (bank/card company) and insurance company.

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

For all lost or stolen credit cards or credit card fraud, call the national 24 hour emergency number, Card Stop.

  • Tel: 070 344 344
  • From abroad Tel: +32 70 344 344

This number should be called to report the loss or theft of all bank or credit cards, regardless of the issuing bank or card company.

Lost or Stolen Cheque Books

Call the issuing bank immediately. Give the account number, and where possible, details of the last cheque issued by the account holder (payee, amount, date) before the loss or theft of the cheque book. Any cheques issued subsequently (those not issued by the account holder) should be refused immediately.

Lost or Stolen Mobile Cellular Phones

When buying a Belgian mobile cellular telephone, the phone will come with:

  • A SIM card with your telephone number. Access can be protected by personalising the card with a 4-digit PIN code
  • An IMEI number. This is the mobile phone's unique identification number and belongs to the handset

This code is written on the paperwork when the phone is purchased. Note it down and keep separate from the mobile.

  • To find the IMEI number, enter *#06# on the keypad

If a mobile cellular telephone is lost or stolen, call the service provider and give them the IMEI number and the telephone number. The service will be suspended and the telephone blocked. If the phone has been stolen, make a declaration at the nearest police station. The police will require the IMEI number.

The number to call to reach the different operators are the following:

Base S A
Tel: 0486 19 19 99
Tel: 0495 95 95 00
Proximus Tel: 078 05 60 30